actual ground up mummy, conflated with bitumen of judea, which was used in the mummification process

ground up mummy – used as medicine

bitumen of judea – key ingredient in first stable photographic process – Niepce. Also, central to Jack Parsons invention of rocket fuel – occult link.

Both types of mumia were tested as paint pigments. Bitumen was found to lack archival stability.

Archives – very important generally in photographic considerations. Also, wife.

Book of Going Forth by Day – guiding a soul through the land of the dead. A person would have one made custom. Many standard parts, but each was different.

Paracelsus. Vaccines!

Accordion spell books – British museum???? That one on IG recently.

During lull of Coronavirus, considering thoughts of aging, death, self improvement.

Book – same length as I am high

applying bitumen in method similar to what is generally done on metal plates, only applying over photographs. Negatives of found materials are laid over, left in the sun to expose.

my length – taking of measure

cover – similar in process, but rather than applying bitumen emulsion to photograph, applied to Egyptian papyrus, left in sun (RA) with negatives