Subtle Bodies book

Now available for pre order – shipping early October

To coincide with the exhibition of the Subtle Bodies series in Seattle, a limited edition book is being made available.  What began as a simple exhibition catalog grew to become something larger and more substantial.

Finally I exhibit and put into print many years’ worth of work to photograph the invisible.  Subtle Bodies contains sections of experiments with Kirlian aura photography, spirit photography, and the Chronovisor – a camera intended to photograph forward and backward in time.

  • 6×8 inches
  • 64 pages
  • fully illustrated in color
  • numbered in an edition of 100 copies – copies will be shipped in numerical order
  • layout and typography by Joseph Uccello 

Books are now available to purchase.

To secure a copy, please send payment via Paypal to

Continental U.S. – $30 + $5 shipping and handling

Canada – $30 + $8 (U.S.) Shipping and handling

United Kingdom – $30 + $8 (U.S.) shipping and handling

Books will generally be shipped on Saturdays.


Exhibition opens October 3rd at Mortlake and Company, Seattle



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