Symbiosis is a series exploring ideas regarding love, relationships, magic, Alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature. The images are small – 3.25 x 4.25 inches printed on 5×7 paper. Each piece is an original, with acrylic paint applied directly to the surface of the analog c-print.

Symbiosis was created between February 2010 and June 2011.

An integral concept of Alchemy is “Solve et Coagula” – dissolve and combine.  This is the secret key to manifesting the Philosoher’s Stone, Elixr of Life and immortality.  This ideal is represented with the image of the Rebis – a two-headed hermaphrodite that holds the assets of both genders.

I have worked with this as my goal, erasing the boundaries of the human body. By applying paint directly to the surface of photographs, I have actualized an impossible dream – a physical union made tangible through desire.  Through this process I have been able to visually and symbolically merge male and female into one body – the perfect being.

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